Oct 27, 2020

Critical factors to look for when replacing the roof

Best Time of the Year for Roof Replacement

Truly, where there is a will, there is a way and when you are determined to do something, universe is vast to get it done. First and foremost, thing for roofing is the availability of time with you. Due to climatic impacts and also owing to over-aging, your roof becomes vulnerable to leakage or gaping hole. Under these circumstances you are left with no option but to seek some best roofing company in Bronx. Ultimately you have to have a rash decision as roof is the shelter that protects whole of your home. There is no denying that you will have to get the roofers of your trust in prior, since well renowned and experienced roofers are extremely busy in their projects’ peak working hours.

Dire Need of Best Time for Roof Replacement

No doubt bad weather hinders in carrying out roofing projects. Hence it is necessary to have a look at all the seasons and choose the best weather to initiate roofing. Looking at various weathers of US, it is revealed that neither extreme winter nor hot summer is feasible for replacing roof. Spring is ideal when weather is conducive to carry out such activities. As ceiling is done in Asphalt shingles, so due care should be taken to keep them in place. And certainly it cannot be accomplished in temperature of 450 F.

Without further ado, Spring, Fall and late spring to early summer are the best for roof replacement that back up roofing:

  • Spring is an Appropriate Weather that Backs up Roofing

There is no shadow of doubt that spring is the right weather. But it is direly needed that before waiting the spring, get the time from the best roofers in Bronx. In this way as spring approaches, you can start roofing work without any trouble.

The adverse factor of spring is that there is unpredictability in the form of some shower. But now it is no issue as weather forecasting is always with you on the apps of cell phone. Through it, you can manage your roofing process. In addition to it, the experienced roofers manage such bad weather easily and always ready to set their work.

  • Fall is Another Perfect Weather to Have Roof Replacement

Fall is another perfect weather to have roof replacement. The start of winter and the ongoing stable weather is also an appropriate time for your work of roof replacement.

  • Late Spring to Early Summer is the Optimal Period to Replace a Roof

Summer is regarded also an ideal weather when people are relaxed after chilling weather of winter. People are engaged in various projects. Likewise, roofing activities are also at their peak. The biggest plus of the summer is that the concerned tools used in roofing project work best in the summer. It becomes really hard to work with roofing tools and materials in winter.

It goes without saying that summer is the busiest for the roofing companies and contractors. The reason being that weather is dependable. In the same manner, the period of the year in the US from late spring to early summer is mostly regarded as suitable part of the year to execute roofing replacement. It comes as no surprise you must finalize best roofing company in Bronx for replacement work.

Be warned, make advance arrangement to avoid hassle because most of the companies hardly are available for new contract during late spring to early summer. Most people love to do roofing replacement during this period. Aside from being right time, after rainfall, there is severity of heat and humid summer has not commenced.

Cost of Materials and Labour Goes Extremely High in Late Spring to Early Summer

It is worthy to understand that this is an ideal and optimal time for roof replacement but the limitation is that as most of the people do the replacement work in this period, the cost of materials and labour goes extremely high. As mentioned earlier, roofing contractors are terribly busy in this period of year, so their availability on the site become a question mark. They have different projects being run at a time, so they can’t’ give full time to your roofing. And you always yearn for their onsite presence. If you fail to accomplish your task during late spring to early summer, then your roofing work is extended up to summer. It is well said that planning is a rich stich in time. But contradiction to it, your planning is failed and you enter in the hot and unbearable summer when field work becomes hard.

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Aug 5, 2020

Roofing Materials Having Maximum Lifespan

Perhaps most of us get one chance in life to build a house, a dream you were cherishing since long. Your major life moments and energies are consumed in constructing an ideal house that could provide you ease and comfort but also prevent you from all weathers extremities. That is why, a home they constructed, becomes very dear to its inhabitants. Consistent repair and maintenance should be your routine practice. In the U.S, usually following roofing materials are chosen by roofing contractors that last longer too:

Slate, clay and concrete roofing materials

It would not be exaggeration that roofing is the major component of house that involves huge investment. Talking about the materials involved in construction are of vital importance. The NAHB i.e. National Association of Home Builders, ranks slate high with a life of more than 150 years and next to it is clay and concrete that has life span of approximately 100 years.

As, everything has some pros and cons, just like that these materials too have following limitations:

  • Having long life, the cost of these materials are extremely high, so every family having limited resources cannot afford it to have.
  • The materials aforementioned are too heavy to increase the transportation cost in house construction. For example, slate is much weighty and extremely solid one.
  • There is limited choice of colors and appearance. For instance, choice of slate is best for specific buildings but looks odd for homes in outskirts.

Other roofing materials

Apart from slate, clay and concrete, there are some other options for roofing that needs to be discussed. These are enlisted below:

  • Asphalt shingles

This is the favorite roofing material chosen by Americans all over the U.S. Their life expectancy is calculated as 10-20 years but now asphalt shingles available in markets, even claim to have 50 years’ age.

  • Architectural Asphalt

With an average life of 30 years, this is also most liked roofing material that also does a fine job if fixed on roof and gives good quality results.

  • Wood shingles and shakes

Very beautiful and attractive having wood textures but surely it will need a lot of maintenance on regular basis. In so far as its life expectancy is concerned, it is found around 30 years.

  • Metal

It is quite obvious, this is the strongest and durable roofing material that goes for 40 to 80 years. This is more durable and has more age than wood. In addition to it, it also gives complete solar resistance. But on negative side, this roofing material is a little bit costly. This roofing looks elegant and gorgeous on cabins, cottage style homes and bungalows.

  • Synthetic roofing materials

With the advancement of building technologies, many innovations are coming forward like synthetic roofing products. Amongst these, plastic, polymer and rubber roofing are available in varied colours and textures. These roofing materials are not so expensive and quite easier to layout than traditional roofing materials. No doubt, it depends upon your own choice which material will be suitable for your house. But it would more appropriate, to consult your contractor as well as architect for choice of right roofing material. Focus all your attention and energies to choose the best of best material for your house that could survive for longer period.

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Roofing Contractor
Feb 27, 2020
Most Popular Roofing Styles in New York

Looking to get the roofing done in NY, Here is what you should know

When you are having a roof replaced or installing a roof on a new construction in New York, there are several different options you have got for the roofing material that you choose from. Before taking a decision which roofing contractor best for you, there are a few things you will need to consider.

Factors to Remember While Choosing Best Roof for Your Home In New York

Factors that determine what sort of roofing is best to incorporate the slope and complexity of the roof, moreover the design of the house, local climate and also the cost of different roofing options.

The thing to take into account is the “pitch” of your roof. The pitch is simply the angle at which your roof slopes: if the pitch is higher than the angle will be a steeper, and if the pitch is lower than there would be a flatter roof. Roofs with higher pitches do not need nearly as much help with shedding water, as they can do it mostly on their own, but a flatter roof will need help from the roofing material to properly shed water.

You will also want to take into account how long you wish the material to last and how much maintenance you will be able to provide it with. Then, consider the architecture and style of your New York home and how well different materials will complement the design. Keep in mind that there’s a broad range of roof types when it involves considering the proper roof for your home because not every roof style is ideal for your climate or how your building sits on your property from the perspective of sunlight and wind.

Common Roof Styles In New York

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Most homes in the New York have asphalt shingles as their roofing and one amongst the majority obvious reasons is that they’re the most cost-effective option available in the short-term. But that’s not the sole reason, and there are lots of great reasons to decide on asphalt roofing for your New York home. There are lots of benefits to going with asphalt shingles. For one thing, they’re available in a wide range of colors in order that they can come with almost about any look and elegance. This also gives you the power to customize your roof to go with the design that you simply want to make  Your home can have a classic look or a contemporary flair and, either way, this kind of roof will work with it.

Asphalt shingles require more maintenance and repairs than other forms of roofing materials, but those repairs are going to be less expensive than they might be for other materials as well. If you’re on a budget, asphalt shingles will be the most effective choice for you. Asphalt shingles also are very aesthetically versatile, and that they can work well with variety of various architectural designs and styles.

As mentioned, asphalt roofing is comparatively easy to repair, but that doesn’t mean that you simply can neglect the repairs. It is vital that after you develop any problems with your asphalt roofing, addressed as soon as possible. Even problems that appear small can quickly escalate into much larger problems, so it’s important that you just call an expert as soon as you’ve noticed any problems.

These shingles also are durable as well as comparatively easy to repair and replace. This implies that if one or a couple of shingles gets damaged or torn off during a storm, you won’t need to replace the entire roof. It also helps that these shingles are often treated against things like mold and mildew, which is vital when it comes to roofing that constantly takes on moisture and may be in a very shaded area. It certainly doesn’t hurt that asphalt shingles are one amongst the foremost affordable options available on the market.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is an extraordinarily malleable substance that may be cut or molded into any shape. From shingles to panels to corrugated strips, metal roofing are often made to suit any roof. Metal also can be made any color you can imagine that’s why metal roofing is common choice for inhabitants of New York.

Metal roofing is a huge category that has factory-formed and finished roofing panels and also as roofing panels that are cut and formed at the building location. Metal roofing contains a long history of use on houses, farm structures and commercial buildings. Its main limitation is that it is not suitable to be used on complex or curved roofs. Like corrugated roofing, many metal roofs are often installed directly over a worn-out older roof without tearing off the old roofing material.

A metal roof contains a great number of advantages. The matter is that while metal roofs have made great changes within the past 20 years, people still thought of them as the cheap option used just for sheds or barn roofs. Now, finally, homeowners are starting to see this building material has come an extended way.

A metal roof offers beauty and energy savings through its versatility which will not only enhance the design of your home, but also its value. One among the foremost notable benefits of metal roofing is its lifespan. A metal roof typically comes with a typical 50 year warranty, with many lasting even longer. That’s because their durability keeps maintenance low and problems to a minimum.

Aside from aesthetics, metal roofing also has many realistic advantages. The foremost obvious being that metal is extremely strong, so it’s one among the foremost durable sorts of roofing out there, it’s waterproof, fireproof, wind resistant, dent resistant and otherwise protective against the weather. This can reduce necessary maintenance or repairs in the future. Metal roofing is additionally treated with a UV coating so on disallow heat transfer. This makes the roof far more energy efficient.

Flat Roofing

New York is a place whose structures are mostly multi-story apartment buildings with flat roofing that’s pitched at an angle towards the sewerage system so that the snow slides off towards the pavements. These flat exteriors serve the town well from a plumbing perspective. New York City receives an average every year’s snowfall of 25-inches which occurs an average of 11 days in a year. Hence, the flat roofing systems that are prevalent in Manhattan are designed with several drainage systems scattered across the roof to make sure the snow get disposed of.

Also, the actual fact that flat roofing is comparatively inexpensive to put in and will require little maintenance is a huge win for developers and apartment inhabitants. Technically, it’s a matter of design and economics since the commonly used materials like bitumen and asphalt-type substances don’t cost much and last longer. Any maintenance procedure is simple to try and do as well, provided that it’s just a flat roof. Although sloped shingles roof could also be a bit more visually appealing on a residential home, it’s aesthetic value is diminished when considering the peak of the common NYC flat roof.

Corrugated Roofing

Corrugated roofing is easy to identify due to its distinctive form; it is a thin sheet that contains a regular pattern of alternating crests and grooves. Most corrugated roofing comes in sheet form, but large shingles are easy to get from some manufacturers. This kind of roofing are often made up of steel, polycarbonate or an asphalt-fiberglass composite. It’s more appropriate for agricultural and commercial buildings and for tiny sheds than it’s for houses. One important advantage with corrugated roofing is that it are often fastened down over an existing shingled roof without removing the initial building material.

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