Aug 5, 2020

Roofing Materials Having Maximum Lifespan

Perhaps most of us get one chance in life to build a house, a dream you were cherishing since long. Your major life moments and energies are consumed in constructing an ideal house that could provide you ease and comfort but also prevent you from all weathers extremities. That is why, a home they constructed, becomes very dear to its inhabitants. Consistent repair and maintenance should be your routine practice. In the U.S, usually following roofing materials are chosen by roofing contractors that last longer too:

Slate, clay and concrete roofing materials

It would not be exaggeration that roofing is the major component of house that involves huge investment. Talking about the materials involved in construction are of vital importance. The NAHB i.e. National Association of Home Builders, ranks slate high with a life of more than 150 years and next to it is clay and concrete that has life span of approximately 100 years.

As, everything has some pros and cons, just like that these materials too have following limitations:

  • Having long life, the cost of these materials are extremely high, so every family having limited resources cannot afford it to have.
  • The materials aforementioned are too heavy to increase the transportation cost in house construction. For example, slate is much weighty and extremely solid one.
  • There is limited choice of colors and appearance. For instance, choice of slate is best for specific buildings but looks odd for homes in outskirts.

Other roofing materials

Apart from slate, clay and concrete, there are some other options for roofing that needs to be discussed. These are enlisted below:

  • Asphalt shingles

This is the favorite roofing material chosen by Americans all over the U.S. Their life expectancy is calculated as 10-20 years but now asphalt shingles available in markets, even claim to have 50 years’ age.

  • Architectural Asphalt

With an average life of 30 years, this is also most liked roofing material that also does a fine job if fixed on roof and gives good quality results.

  • Wood shingles and shakes

Very beautiful and attractive having wood textures but surely it will need a lot of maintenance on regular basis. In so far as its life expectancy is concerned, it is found around 30 years.

  • Metal

It is quite obvious, this is the strongest and durable roofing material that goes for 40 to 80 years. This is more durable and has more age than wood. In addition to it, it also gives complete solar resistance. But on negative side, this roofing material is a little bit costly. This roofing looks elegant and gorgeous on cabins, cottage style homes and bungalows.

  • Synthetic roofing materials

With the advancement of building technologies, many innovations are coming forward like synthetic roofing products. Amongst these, plastic, polymer and rubber roofing are available in varied colours and textures. These roofing materials are not so expensive and quite easier to layout than traditional roofing materials. No doubt, it depends upon your own choice which material will be suitable for your house. But it would more appropriate, to consult your contractor as well as architect for choice of right roofing material. Focus all your attention and energies to choose the best of best material for your house that could survive for longer period.

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