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Due to the fact that flat roofs are actually flat, they have greater tendency to slack in the middle if not given very robust support. The most commonly used supports for flat roof include reinforced concrete beams which are required to be strong enough to withstand heavy weight. Heavy wood columns are also alternative to support flat roofs but they might reduce usable space inside the building making your area look congested.

Although flat roofs are exposed to snow or rain which increases the weight on the beams, therefore, it is necessary to install beams with the help of experts. Don’t forget to hire skilled roofing contractor for this work, otherwise your building may become prey to constant threat. That’s a given! Roofing Contractor Bronx has been serving Bronx, Westchester County and Yonkers since 1990 and have the experience, expertise and a fully qualified team of builders. Call us now for all your roofing needs.

Putting in place new beams

When it comes to installing new beams in flat roofs, it is very necessary to keep in mind certain measurements to avoid any mistake. While placing across the width of any building, the beams must have certain length as advised by some expert. In case, you want to use bamboo for beams, make sure these should be produced from the thickest available stacks.

You also need to consider particular length for beams when using heavy materials like tile. Remember, the length of the beam is determined by adding the width of the flat roof as well as the length of projection on both sides of the building.

Placing Purlins

It is also vital to place purlins across the beams. Didn’t get what purlins are? Let me elaborate, purlins are horizontal pieces of roof frame which support the roof, tie the rafters together, stabilize and strength the structure’s rigid framing and last but not the least, purlins add extra support between the areas of the distinct bordering barks.

Place purlins across the beams: Purlins are horizontal pieces of a roof frame that support either the roof covering material (in flat and shed roofs), or the pitched rafters (in a gabled or tripped roof). Each purlin should be as long as the building plus the length of overhang on both ends of the building. In addition, you are supposed to cover the roof with the intended covering material, lashing, scramming, and nailing to the purling.


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