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Roof being an integral part of your property, must be inspected after regular intervals. You need to examine although by yourself or with the help of professional roofing contractor. The main objective behind it is to maximize the life span of roofing system, in order to minimize overall cost of repairing. Minor or major repairs should be accomplished by contract with a reliable local roofing contractor in Bronx.


The following considerations must be given a look-see, in order to protect your roofing system:

  • Regularly inspect roofs to determine the current state of the membrane and flashings.
  • Immediate repair a minor defect before it allows moisture to penetrate into roof system or building interior causing a big loss.
  • Detect the non-destructive moisture to make certain if moisture has broken into the insulation of the roof system.

Causes of Roof Failures

On the off chance, you do not inspect the roof after regular intervals, it could cause problems. Major reasons of roof failure include:

  • Lack of Proper Maintenance
  • Standard Weathering
  • Use of Unseasoned Lumber
  • Inadequate Application of Roofing Materials
  • Use of inappropriate Materials
  • Wind Damage
  • Exposed Nails
  • Failure of Flashings
Roof Repairs and Maintenance

Roof maintenance is well-defined as the treatment of a roof prior to any genuine failure. It may accumulate the amendment of minor defects in small areas, such as resurfacing naked spots in mineral surfaced roofs; or it may involve treatment of the entire roof area, such as recoating a smooth-surfaced built-up roof.

The significance of appropriate roof maintenance cannot be highlighted too strongly. With upright maintenance, roofs do not leak, the life of the roof is extended many years and the cost per year for roofing shrinks to a bare minimum. There are certain types of roofing which require more maintenance than others, but every formation should have a skilled roof maintenance team of a size determined by the kinds of roofing and the roof areas involved.

Roof repairs are deliberated to be the cures given a roof after at least fractional failure. There can be minor repairs encompassing small spaces, such as the replacement of wrecked slate or tile; or they may be major repairs involving the whole roof, such as smearing extra layers of felt over a built-up roof.


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