Exterior waterproofing of buildings in Bronx, Yonkers & Westchester County NY

Waterproofing Contractors

Exterior waterproofing includes an inspection of downspouts, foundations, gutters and drainage systems. If you are owner of a building but worried about water damage around your foundation, walls or roof, you have to take instant action. We are professional waterproofing contractors in Bronx offer top-notch waterproofing services to protect the structural integrity of your building. The severe weather changes seriously deteriorate cement foundations with the passage of time. If it is overlooked, foundation may start experiencing cracks that become responsible for water seepage, mold and other damaging situations that will eventually weaken the building’s structure.

Guard Your Home from Surface and Ground Water

Both surface water and groundwater in your buildings are foes to your foundation and walls. The surface water that of rain or snow, starts its vicious nature by bringing about marks along the top of basement walls. Humid and damp basements are a perfect situation for pests, mold and other destructive forces to grow. Groundwater will also affect basements and crawl spaces badly, generating rust stains caused by a dampness and leakage. Exterior waterproofing contractors assess the level of water damage around your foundation and walls to provide an accurate evaluation for exterior waterproofing services.

Pros of Exterior Waterproofing

When exterior waterproofing is carried out with expertise it ensures to protect pipes, insulation, foundation, paint, crawlspaces and wires. Through accurate exterior waterproofing, the moisture and water do not penetrate into the walls and foundation preventing toxic mold and mildew. In case of wood, exterior waterproofing hinders it to get wet reducing the chance of insects to be attracted to deteriorate wood structure. It assists in maintaining the structure integrity of a building.

Premium Exterior Waterproofing Services

Roofing Contractor Bronx is dedicated to provide effective techniques to prevent yourself to in several techniques that are effective for preventing water damaged basements and foundations. Experienced waterproofing specialists will first detect the source of a wet basement or a wet wall. Then address foundations and exterior basement walls undergoing water issues with the installation of a special membrane to avert surface water and groundwater from piercing into cement and brick foundations.


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