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Waterproofing Contractors

A watertight roof is essential to effective green roof structure. While some roofs are basically waterproof when constructed, most will have need of some form of treatment to prevent water entry into the construction. We have been working as a waterproofing contractor in Bronx for over 20 years and can sort out all your roofing and waterproofing jobs.

Waterproofing cure must provide a stout but flexible layer that permits expansion under physical or thermal movements of the building structure, without cooperating water penetration. Vegetation, in general, must not be installed over areas such as expansion linkages, where regular examining of the waterproofing is necessary.

Expert opinion should be taken from a professional waterproofing contractor to find the most apposite type of waterproofing treatment for the roof structure and the planned green roof design. The manufacturing and application of waterproofing membranes must be in accordance with American Standards.

Waterproofing methods suitable for Green Roofs

Pre-formed waterproofing may suit green roofs with moderate slopes and large incessant areas. A green roof with many fixings against the roof deck or infiltrations, such as for lighting, power or ventilation, possibly get more suited to liquid applied waterproofing that is sprayed on or rolled on to form a consistent single cover.

Green roofs must be sheltered from physical and chemical damage. This includes cracks, the action of hostile roots and stems, and exposure to the elements. All membranes get brittle as the time passes, and this is speeded up by exposure to cold, heat and UV rays from daylight. A green roof defends the membrane from damage considerably elongates its life. Some preformed membranes have a surface coating that delivers surplus protection.

Make sure that the waterproofing material is proficient root resilient, right for the substrate, and applied by skilled, capable and certified contractors.

Liquid Membrane Waterproofing

Liquid applied membrane material mainly consists of bitumen emulsions, polyurethane modified, acrylic modified bitumen, acrylic polyurethane hybrid elastomers. As this material is in liquid state, that’s why applied manually and is fit for small roofs or roofs with a number of infiltrations, curves or sharp angles. Liquid applied membranes are convenient to apply, easy-going with surface inadequacies, simply fixed or reapplied and are all-in-one. On the other hand, they are not root resistant, it is problematic to make certain the consistency of thickness, and they may become fragile if exposed to sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Root resistance can be applied to waterproofing membranes either by the addition of root-inhibiting chemical cures or because the configuration of the membrane offers an opaque barrier to root growth. Root resistant waterproofing is super-easy to install than separate waterproofing and root barrier layers but can be expensive.


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