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You need to identify if there is a water tint around the skylight unit or in the skylight channel. If the water stain exists at the top of the skylight, there is greater chance of flashing on your roof around the skylight is deteriorating. Water can be running down your roof making its way between the roofing and the skylight, eventually into your home. Even if the flashing on your skylight is in one piece and working as it should, if other pipes or vents above the skylight got flashings, the water might be penetrating your roof, then running down and seeping through your skylight opening.

On the off chance, you spot signs of a leak at the top of your skylight, immediately contact professional skylight waterproofing service provider to inspect the flashing on your roof. If there is a water stain near the bottom of your skylight you have got more of a condensation issue than a tangible leak. To keep condensed water away from dripping, most skylights have a condensation station neighboring the edges that captures it and allows it to vaporize.

A skylight leak causes minimal damage at first, but with the passage of time, the damage can spread and become prominent.

How to Waterproof a Leaking Skylight?

It is important to know how to maintain your own roof. Keep in mind that there are cases where slight repairs could momentarily solve your roofing problems. Be that as it may, there are conditions which need more serious involvements. Therefore, for all your roofing issues, always check in your trusted local skylight waterproofing contractor to get accurate inputs. Besides, waterproofing skylights are challenging to apply and must be carried out by skilled workers. Let’s delve into what types of materials can be used to waterproof skylight.

Materials for Skylight Waterproofing

Self-Adhesive tapes and Glues

The range encompasses a series of bonding resin for membranes, shielding panels, a butyl tape for sealing elements on roofs and cartridge-type or bituminous paste sealants. Adhesives of varied materials and performance, extending from simple single constituent adhesives to rapidly drying bi-component products in twofold sealed units. They are used for insulating panels along with polymer bitumen membranes when cold gluing is needed. Butyl tape, in contrast, is a necessary addition for sealing connections on roofs, such as skylights, connections around windows or vertical elements.

POLYCEM-A Solvent-Based Bituminous Plastic Cement

This material is perfectly suitable for sealing waterproof coverings where they encounter erect surfaces, outlets, skylights, vents, etc. It is also applied to seal gaps or cracks of different sizes on concrete surfaces before the next waterproofing stage.

POLYSEAL-Solvent-based adhesive sealant

The material is mainly used for rapid repair works on the waterproofing covering, for sealing between the crusts and vertical concrete, amid concrete and sheet metal, for conduit pots, skylights, gutters and ventilation ducting.

Remember, skylight waterproofing is a very sensitive matter, therefore, you need to get it done by professional skylight waterproofing contractors near you. If you are from Bronx, Yonkers or Westchester County NY, then feel free to contact us. We assure to deliver quality work at minimal charges. No ifs, ands or buts about it.


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