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Waterproofing Contractors

Your house is a shelter and a place to get comfort and pacify your daily tiredness. That being the case, it should be properly protected. And for residents of Bronx, waterproofing your buildings is vital. If you are looking for a waterproofing contractor in Bronx to get your house, office, shop or any other building’s walls waterproofed, we are the best choice. We have been offering roofing and waterproofing services in Bronx, Westchester County and Yonkers.

As far as the walls are concerned, they occupy great significance when we talk about the structure of building. Walls are prone to rainwater and high humidity, therefore, proper steps should be taken to prevent water from entering into them.

Check for the hitches related to Walls

If the walls of your building become damp due to rainwater or moisture, waterproofing external walls is a paramount way out. Before searching for waterproofing materials, it’s recommended to eradicate any other causes of structural humidity. It might be anything, from cracks in your blocks or compression within the wall to a burst water pipe. Once you resolve the issue, you can apply a waterproofing material as a defensive measure.

Mop up your gutters

The problem with blocked gutters isn’t only that they may start flowing over the edge, down your walls. They also hold rainwater which is then penetrated into the roof’s wood or front boards, potentially leading to a chain of problems, including damaged wood, seepages, and mold. These all issues can be avoided if you get your building’s gutter cleaned at least twice a year.

Grab right kind of waterproofing material

Today, a number of waterproofing materials are available to protect your walls from external and internal moisture. Let’s have a look over some of commonly used products in this case:

  • Silicate-based concrete sealer, which reacts with the constituents in brickwork and concrete to form a waterproofing coating. This sealer can only be applied at unpainted walls.
  • A cement-like product, concrete waterproofing coating stick to the concrete and brickwork permanently. It can be used for any type of walls including painted ones.
  • Waterproofing paint, which is parallel to acrylic wall paint, with the key dissimilarity that it carries better waterproofing performance. It’s very essential to select a breathable formulation that is specifically intended to allow walls to breathe and exclude moisture. This product can be applied to walls formerly painted.

Regardless of the material opted for waterproofing walls, you have to bring your walls in upright condition first. This means that you are required to use a good-quality filler to repair cracks and patch pores. Let the filler dry optimally before grinding. Then sand away bumpy, rough areas, eliminate dust by cleaning the surface with water, and allow walls to dry entirely in order to make good adhesion between the waterproofing material and the substrate. Now it’s time to get your hands on professional waterproofing contractors around Bronx to bless your walls with everlasting strength.


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