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Installing a roof above your head or replacing one is most likely to be a once in a lifetime investment. There are many aspects that require minute attention, not only to save your hard-earned money but to get the best out of the roofing contractors as well. Installing or replacing the roof not only secures your investment but also increases the appeal.

Practicality of the roof is another aspect that cannot be ignored. Different types of roofs compliment different types of output. Weather of the said area where the roof is to be installed plays vital role in deciding the material and structure of the roof.

Think Before You Decide What Kind of New Roof to Install

Installing or replacing the roof is not a small matter and is a huge investment so, it pays to know what kind of material and structure would suite your area and specifically your house. Here are some of the considerations that you should pay attention to when deciding for a roof.

Your building always has a specific architectural style and its not wise to go against it when choosing the roof. So, to keep the architectural tone same, choose a roof that compliments the rest of the building. Invite a professional to survey thoroughly whether your roof need replacing or just layering. Always give a big consideration to the climate of the area where the building is situated as it plays a huge role in determining what kind of material is best in such climate. It pays huge dividends or can save you a lot of hassle when you know and understand the regulations of state and city building codes. Always pay attention to the functionality of the roof as it can make a huge difference when you decide to stay in the building. Underlayment save you from external elements and should be looked upon closely to save cost and improve functionality of the roof.

Roofing Best Suited to Westchester County NY

Westchester County NY is situated at the north of New York City and has a varied landscape consisted upon rolling hills, Hudson river and ultra-urban surroundings. According to a census, Westchester county NY gets 50 inches of rain and 31 inches of snow per year so we may call the weather extreme in this area. Most preferred materials for Westchester county NY are as follows.


There are a fare few choices when it comes to shingles and they are best suited to handle the harsh and unpredictable weather quite well.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has the ability to withstand any weather that is thrown at it be it blistering sun, cold blizzards or pouring rain. With some maintenance you can prolong this roof for 50 years.


Concrete is known for its durability and can withstand brutal weather conditions. It is heavier than other materials so make sure you have the structure to support it.


Slate is a natural material that, when installed properly, can withstand any weather and is water tight with minimal maintenance.


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