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Shingle roofs are by far the most popular roofs in United States and as soon as someone says roof, that is the exact image that comes into mind. If you are looking for installing a new shingle roof or in need to repair the shingles on your roof in Yonkers area, Roofing Contractor Bronx could be a great help as we have years of experience under our belt and know the area requirements better than any other contractor. Once the main roofing structure is in place with beams and purlins, you have to cover it with some sort of material. Shingles are the most popular coverings. They are flat or curved tiles that interlock or overlap in a way that channels water off of a pitched roof. You can get them in varying materials and shapes. Shingles work better with pitched roofs and not with flat roofs.

Materials and Styles for Shingle Roofs

There are multiple choices available for Shingle materials when it comes to roofing. You may have to take into consideration the climate and your requirements from the building before choosing the material. Asphalt is the most common material and then metal shingles, wooden shingles, solar shingles, slate shingle and composite plastic shingles are also popular choices.

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Roofing Contractor Bronx are the experienced shingle roofing experts that can produce extremely satisfying results when it comes to installing or repairing the shingle roofs in Yonkers. We are most trusted name in construction business and our rates are competitive. We use best techniques and updated tools to get the results that matter. Contact us for the early assessments and we can send the experts to give you an idea of what need to be done.