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Waterproofing and Its Types

Waterproofing and Its Types


The best time for waterproofing for any construction is when the foundation is built. Waterproofing a basement efficiently when it is first built will ensure that it will last for a long time. This is also the best time to do basement waterproofing because it’s much easier to get into small spaces before they are closed off due to construction such as corners and even areas where drainage pipes will be installed. If you got an old house, then you have to give the basement a very thorough check before deciding how to do the basement waterproofing. It will be wise to contact a professional when you do waterproofing so that you won’t need to do it all over again because the waterproofing wasn’t done correctly.

There are two ways to do waterproofing. These are external basement waterproofing and interior basement waterproofing.

External Waterproofing


One of the common methods of external waterproofing is tanking. This refers to the process in which a bonding substance or membrane is applied to the outside walls of your basement. Make sure that the tanking takes place as your home is being constructed, especially if your basement in underground.

Another way of external waterproofing is the outside drainage system. In this method, your basement will be built in such a way that the floors of the basement slope toward your home’s sump pump. For quick removal of any moisture from your basement, a plastic honeycomb membrane is applied to the walls and floor of your basement.


The French drain is also another method of external waterproofing. This form of waterproofing is usually installed on houses that are constructed in parts of the country with heavy rainfall levels and other types of moisture-based weather.

Interior Waterproofing


Interior waterproofing in used to keep moisture from making its way into your basement. A sealant is applied on the walls and floor of the basement so that water and moisture can’t seep through. It also keeps molds and mildew from growing. Interior Sealants aren’t technically basement waterproofing materials, but they can help you make do while you are working on other waterproofing methods.

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